Coaching of leadership teams

From Me to We

  • How do we interact in the interplay of individual and overall responsibility, of collective and individual performance?
  • How do we as a management team develop a shared vision of the future?
  • How do we establish the prerequisites for a future-oriented leadership culture?

Leadership teams often operate as a group of lone wolves, even if they have been working together for many years.

Often, strong personalities, hidden insecurities, competition and individual ambitions prevent trustful collaboration. Internal struggles hinder joint decision-making and strategic direction. And the meeting agenda usually leaves no room for supposedly soft topics such as collaboration and conflict resolution.

The potential of the leadership team thus often remains untapped.

This becomes particularly apparent in times of uncertainty, when previous behavioral patterns are no longer effective. After all, the great challenges of our time can only be solved collaboratively. Complex environments require more cooperation instead of competition, more "we" instead of "I" and more active relationship building than before.

Coaching of leadership teams is about improving the dynamics in the team and developing a common mindset. Team coaching creates a framework for entering into dialogue about working together and establishing a more open communication culture.

I am looking forward to supporting you in taking more constructive decisions and improving your collaboration. This will transform a group of strong individuals into aligned team play.

Room for improvement within your management team?

Depending on your initial situation and your requirements, I offer different formats of management team support.

Let's get into a conversation about this.

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