Insights Discovery®

Understanding behavior patterns. Communicating more effectively.

  • How do we reduce team friction and conflicts?
  • How can I improve my personal leadership style without compromising myself?
  • How do we achieve a better understanding of the different behaviors and preferences in the team?

Have you ever questioned why you react to change in this way and not in a different way?

And why you keep clashing with a certain person/ type? Or how you can improve your personal leadership style?

Insights Discovery® helps people and teams to better understand themselves, to discover their own strengths, to better relate to others and to successfully build relationships.

Insights Discovery® is a diagnostic tool based on the typology theory of the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. The focus is on an appreciative view of human nature, which recognizes the individual's behavioral patterns and at the same time identifies areas for development. According to C.G. Jung, every person has preferences in how they perceive their environment, judge it, make decisions and act accordingly. Recognizing and understanding these is the first step in improving the quality of communication.

A better self-understanding leads to a more differentiated perception of your fellow human beings - as well as more effective interaction with them. Personal differences will lead to fewer conflicts and more to synergies that can be used constructively. In team development, it contributes significantly to optimizing cooperation and increasing the effectiveness of team performance.

Insights Discovery® is designed to

  •  intensify communication and cooperation within the team
  •  reflect and develop leadership behavior
  •  support the personal handling of professional changes
  •  create a positive, productive work environment
  •  reduce friction and conflicts in teamwork
  •  recognize and develop individual strengths and potentials.

Individual coaching

In coaching, Insights Discovery® can be used to identify strengths and possible weaknesses as well as to create a personal development plan. The awareness of one's own (leadership) behavior and its effect on others is sharpened. Therefore, looking at the Insights Discovery preference profile is also very helpful for professional position determination.

Team development

Insights Discovery® enables a better understanding of the different personality types with their different behaviors and preferences. This helps to find new approaches for more effective teamwork.

Through the appreciative exploration of other behavioral preferences, communication and cooperation within the team is improved. Team members learn how they themselves can contribute to the effectiveness of their team. Transparency about the particular strengths of team members illustrates the strength of the team as a whole and enables the conscious use of synergy effects.

Are you curious? Would you like to learn more?

I would be happy to send you an Insights Discovery sample profile or report on specific use cases.

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