Mindful Teams

Strengthening connectedness and cooperation

  •     How do we handle multitasking and increasing demands within the team?
  •     How do I strengthen creativity and communication in my team?
  •     How do we structure our meetings and collaboration more efficiently and with greater focus?

Mindfulness is not only a key competence for managers. Awareness of one's own patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving also plays an important role for teams and organizations.

On the individual level, team members learn how to manage themselves, especially in stressful situations, through improved self-awareness. At the team level, mindfulness helps improve collaboration and connectedness through metacommunication and Mindful Moments.

Mindfulness as a mindset

In addition, mindfulness can also be understood as a mindset that encourages people to embrace new things and to understand constant change as a normal state. Consistent mindfulness practice makes it easier to break out of established thought patterns and routines. An innovative mind and new access to creativity, intuition and inspiration will be the result.

Therefore, a mindful mindset supports teams or organizations on the path to more agility and a future-oriented alignment in a digitalized world.

For an example of how mindfulness can be integrated into a team office site, see About me/ Way of working/ Project examples.

Mindfulness training for everyday heroes
06.09.2022 | Sabine Langrock

Mindfulness training for everyday heroes

On three evenings in July and August, I was able to organize a course in mindfulness for everyday heroes for the employees of daycare centers run by Zipfelmützen e.V. in Walldorf.

Mindfulness offers for everyday heroes
08.02.2022 | Sabine Langrock

Mindfulness offers for everyday heroes

Together with Dr. Eckart v. Hirschhausen as patron, the Mindful Leadership Institute in Salzburg (MLI) has launched the campaign "Mindfulness for everyday heroes". Mindfulness offers are donated for the teams in old people's homes, care facilities, fire departments, in the health sector etc. to recharge their batteries, to strengthen their well-being and resilience. I am happy to be part of this wonderful initiative. More about my offering and that of my mindfulness colleagues can be found here.

Check-in für Meetings: Go slow to go fast!
14.05.2019 | Gustavo Razzetti

Check-in für Meetings: Go slow to go fast!

Ich starte Meetings gerne mit einer kurzen Check-in Runde. Geeignete Fragen sind beispielsweise: Mit welchen Gedanken bin ich gerade beschäftigt? Wie geht es mir heute/ gerade zu diesem Zeitpunkt? So weiß jeder Teilnehmende um die Verfasstheit der Anderen. Die Teilnehmenden kommen mit ihrer Aufmerksamkeit tatsächlich im Raum an. Und das Meeting verläuft deutlich fokussierter.

Folgender Artikel beschreibt Nutzen und Varianten von Check-In Runden:

Mitgefühl in Organisationen
21.03.2017 | Dr. Nico Rose

Mitgefühl in Organisationen

Mitgefühl (engl. Compassion) ist ein Wort, das so gar nicht in die Welt des Business zu passen scheint. Letztlich geht es dort doch primär um Wettbewerb und Stärke. Der Psychologe Dr. Nico Rose ermutigt in diesem sehenswerten TED Video dazu, Mitgefühl in Organisationen zu kultivieren, was sich positiv auf die Unternehmenskultur und den Unternehmenserfolg auswirken wird. “Dare to lead from the heart.”

How can Mindfulness be integrated everyday business life?

The appropriate approach depends strongly on what your individual concern and desirable goal is. In a joint dialogue we will explore the way that is right for you and your organization.

I look forward to the exchange with you.

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