Summary from the Mindful Selfcare workshop

01.06.2022 |

We are all experiencing a very challenging time, both individually and globally. What do we focus our attention on in the midst of all this uncertainty? And how can we take good care of ourselves and find inner peace? ❓
This was the idea behind my full-day workshop "Mindful Selfcare", which I held as a charity event to benefit Ukraine Emergency Aid.


My participants explored different forms of #mindfulness with a lot of curiosity and derived very tangible ideas for more #selfcare in everyday life for themselves. Through reflection exercises and dialogue, they explored the value of mindful moments, the appeal of mindful listening, and the connection between self-compassion and the inner critic.

It was beautiful to experience how quickly an atmosphere of connection, appreciation and also lightness emerged in the group through meeting in presence.

I was particularly touched by the final round, in which the effect of this day of mindfulness was reflected in everyone's words and facial expressions.
And when your participants at the end of the workshop request a follow-up event with you, there is just great joy and gratitude.

>> I also offer this workshop as an in-house option - feel free to contact me.

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